CRGA Advances as Finalist in AIA Design Competition

This month, CRGA was announced as a finalist in The Edge: Harbor and City design competition!

In a company wide effort to engage in the architecture community and enter in design competitions yearly, our designers put their best foot forward to demonstrate their talents in the AIA Baltimore Spring Lecture Series. The goal of the project was to create an improved Inner Harbor for Baltimore City that was not only swimmable and fishable, but would also attract tourism, commerce and engage the community in the area.

In response, our architects composed a design called the Harbor Network that serves a dual purpose by providing Baltimore with a variety of activities and landmarks with which to interact, while also filtering the water through natural, sustainable means so the Inner Harbor – and Baltimore itself – can thrive. 

These designs will soon be on display in the AIA Baltimore Architects Bookstore October 4-9th and the Baltimore Visitors Center October 10-17th.


The project is broken up into three main components: Harbor Center, Harbor Pier, and Harbor Cove.

The Harbor Center engages the community by acting as a hub for social gatherings during the day and functioning as an optimal venue for markets and other events as needed. It is centrally located at the meeting point of West Conway Street and the main plaza of the Inner Harbor.

The Harbor Cove acts as a public spot for lounging and water activities for the community during warm summer days. The team considers this one of the distinguishing features that led their design from bordering the edge of the harbor to fully imagining the potential of the waterfront.

This is made possible by the Harbor Pier, a system that utilizes geothermal technology to supply the Cove with filtered Harbor water and energize the infrastructure.

The design’s incorporation of geometric platforms stands out as both innovative and elegant. The shape provided the designers with the functional capabilities that they needed while remaining stylistically and aesthetically pleasing. It’s flexible in the sense that these hexagonal pieces could attach to each other, to the land, or be independent as needed.

The collective Harbor Network system promotes a healthy Harbor through sustainable energy and water filtration, tourism and commerce, and social engagement for the community.
— CRGA Design Team

CRGA is proud to participate in forward-thinking competitions that allow our architects and designers to find innovative solutions and engage in our core values of supporting the community and sustainability. Projects like these create a positive and creative workspace for our team to collaborate and inspires them in future designs.

We are delighted to have received this recognition. Stay tuned for the publication of our teams outstanding design in T3xture magazine, we are so proud of your hard work and enthusiasm!

CRGA Design