CRGA Designs "Kinetic Hospital" for Healthcare Design Magazine's "Breaking Through" Competition
CRGA Design Breaking Through Entry.jpg

Congratulations to the CRGA Design staff who created the "Kinetic Hospital" for Healthcare Design Magazine's "Breaking Through" conceptual design competition! The competition challenged industry members to look beyond the usual rules and restrictions of healthcare design to answer the challenges they anticipate for the future of healthcare delivery.

The Kinetic Hospital serves as a flexible framework for healthcare, capable of growing or shrinking as required and adapting to evolving technologies, communities, medicines, and construction methods. The structure is composed of modular components around the periphery of fixed floor plates. Upon demand, prefabricated units are hoisted into position or taken down using a built-in, pivoting crane system that rotates around the building. The composition of positive and negative spaces creates a changing landscape of solids and voids—“solids” containing programmatic components and “voids” housing an ever-changing sequence of courtyards, plazas, and green roofs.

The Kinetic Hospital incorporates diverse mixed uses beyond traditional programming, including public plazas, retail shopping, dining, and residential units. It is envisioned as a “vertical community” woven into the surrounding city’s infrastructure and culture, thus dismantling negative associations often made with healthcare environments and reinforcing the idea that hospitals can become microcosms for the community.

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