About the Project

Utilizing Lean thinking, it was decided that Anne Arundel's new pediatric unit would be developed as a component of the new major expansion of the emergency department.  The unit includes both private pediatric inpatient rooms and enclosed (breakaway glass sliding doors) urgent/emergent cubicles.  The pediatric ED and the inpatient pediatric unit can now share required support functions, resulting in a reduction in square footage and first time capital costs.

The new Pediatric Care Center is a model for Patient-Centered Care.  As soon as pediatric patients enter the ED, they are greeted and segregated from the general adult ED population.  An appropriately themed waiting area was developed to serve this population and is visible from the pediatric triage area.  Triage occurs within the pediatric unit and a separate sub-waiting area is available.  The environment created within the ED also incorporates a theme based on Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay.  Patients, families and caregivers are comforted by this familiar atmosphere. 

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