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Celebrating CR Goodman Associates (CRGA Design) 35th Anniversary



"I will not begin to take all the credit for our success, but I will take credit for surrounding myself with a very dedicated and talented group of individuals who have a passion for healthcare design."

"Thirty-five years ago this coming September, Howard Wheeler and I co-founded our firm. There were three of us at that time. The firm has now grown to a staff of twenty-seven and is considered one of the region’s finest healthcare design firms. I will not begin to take all the credit for our success, but I will take credit for surrounding myself with a very dedicated and talented group of individuals who have a passion for healthcare design. As we have grown, we have added a new generation of highly talented individuals.

Recognizing my commitment to our staff and equally important to our clients, I know it is time to begin the process of placing the firm in the hands of the next generation. It is the sign of a successful firm that can make this transition and continue to provide the same high standards and quality services to our clients.

As most of you know, Sandy Goodman has been by my side for most of our last thirty years, and without her, I would not have achieved my personal success. Sandy has been the Managing Principal of the firm since 2005. She is now the President of the firm and majority stock holder. Earlier this year, we were extremely fortunate to have Rolf Haarstad join our firm. Rolf has been a healthcare architect for the past twenty-five years, working on projects at both a regional and national level. Rolf will serve in the capacity of Senior Vice President and team with Sandy to manage the firm. Rolf will also bring more of a national perspective to our firm based on his experience at his previous firm. Other members of our staff (too many to name) will also be given opportunities to become stockholders.

As part of the transition to the firm’s second generation, we have decided that a rebranding is appropriate. The current name, CR Goodman Associates, will be phased out and replaced with a shortened name, CRGA Design, which still reflects our heritage but more importantly reflects the fact that this firm is so much more than just me. I am very excited about our new branding.

Finally, what about my plans? I am fortunate enough to still love what I do, as I certainly have not lost my passion for healthcare design. I am therefore not retiring. Relieved of management, I can now focus on what I really want to do – healthcare planning, project management, client relations, and most importantly, leading the effort to pass along the knowledge I have gained during the past thirty-five years to the younger staff. I will not be looking backwards, but rather continuing to keep pace with the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Most importantly, I want to thank all of our loyal clients for the opportunities they have given us over the past years and the long-term friendships I have developed with these clients. We hope you enjoy our new website."




Who we are

CRGA Design

CRGA provides comprehensive architectural, interior design and planning services utilizing an experienced in-house team of architects and interior designers specializing in healthcare design. Our 35+ years of experience includes the completion of hundreds of acute and ambulatory care facilities, medical office buildings, physician practice suites and senior living projects.

Women-Owned Small Business

Led by Sandy Goodman, IIDA, CHID, LEED AP, EDAC, CRGA is now a federally certified Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB), an MBE/DBE/SBE certified by the State of Maryland Department of Transportation, and a certified Small, Women-owned and Minority-owned Business (SWaM) certified by the State of Virginia. Find out more here.

PhilosophyLEARN MORE

PhilosophyLEARN MORE


We are passionate designers that believe creating sustainable environments to improve lives is a special calling. We cherish the lasting relationships we’ve built on this journey with our clients, our colleagues and our community. Learn more




We’re expanding the conversation – from virtual reality to 3D printing, CRGA is bringing the design process to an even higher level of integration with our clients. Learn more

LEADERSHIP learn more


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With CRGA, our clients receive continuity in project leadership. The majority of our senior staff has been working together for over twenty years. We take pride in our longstanding client relationships and the successful projects that we have completed together. Learn more

CULTURE learn more


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With our close-knit office culture and our integrated project teams, CRGA offers a wealth of opportunity for professionals of all experience levels. Learn more



"We are passionate designers that believe creating sustainable environments to improve lives is a special calling. We cherish the lasting relationships we’ve built on this journey with our clients, our colleagues, and our community."

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Our expertise

A Continuum of Care

Our portfolio includes the completion of hundreds of projects across the Continuum of Care, including acute and ambulatory care facilities, medical office buildings, and physician practice suites. At CRGA, we always strive to create a healing environment for patients and families.  Quality healthcare design requires a team effort – we enjoy working as a team with our clients to design the best possible environment for their patients and staff. Learn more. 


Acute Care Learn more

Acute Care

Learn more

Acute Care

Acute care facility improvements are becoming increasingly focused on higher acuity services, Lean-driven operational efficiencies, HCAHPS scores, reimbursement models, capital/operational costs and, most importantly, patient and staff safety. These days, most health systems have less capital to spend on projects and need those dollars directed at point of care as opposed to hotel-like lobbies.  We understand this and work within our clients’ budgets to develop effective solutions meeting the needs of patients, families, and caregivers. Learn more

Ambulatory CareLearn More

Ambulatory CareLearn More

Ambulatory Care

Ambulatory care facilities, medical office buildings and other types of outpatient care facilities are becoming the preferred arenas for the delivery of health care services based on reimbursement trends and the ability to deliver services at a lower cost.  Our firm’s outpatient care portfolio is comprehensive and CRGA Design is working throughout the region developing strategies and facilities that meet these new demands. Learn more

Physician PracticesLearn More

Physician PracticesLearn More

Physician Practices

Our firm members have become specialists in developing effective designs for physician office suites.  We have completed approximately 400 projects of this type, ranging from primary care clinics to specialty suites.  Many of our projects include an ambulatory surgery center or procedure suites as a component of the design. Learn more

Senior LivingLearn more

Senior LivingLearn more

Senior Living

In all aspects of senior environments, from independent living to assisted living to memory care, we at CRGA design for capability rather than disability.  Simple things like quality lighting, appropriate use of color/contrast and an orderly layout of space can make a difference. It is our responsibility as designers to assure that the spaces we create will allow the residents to be as independent as possible for as long as possible. Learn more




"We believe that it is our social responsibility to leave the planet in a better state for future generations – therefore, we are committed to sustainable design. We design all of our projects with the environment in mind and encourage clients to seek LEED Certification when appropriate."



 our commitment to 


Our team at CRGA strongly believes in the importance of sustainability throughout our projects. All of our team members have a concern for environmentally responsible design and the sustainability of our planet.

While we are very pleased that our South Tower project for Anne Arundel Medical Center achieved the distinction of being the first LEED Gold acute care facility in the State of Maryland, our philosophy regarding sustainable design is not just about achieving LEED status.  Healthcare facilities are charged with caring for a community’s or region’s wellness and healthcare needs. It is important that the buildings and projects we design for our clients recognize that caring for the health of a community begins with the design of healthier campuses and environments.  


"I have worked with CRGA for the past thirty-two years. I have continually challenged the CRGA team to design healthcare environments that help relax patients and family members, create areas of diversion for the families, integrate clinical technologies - often at a pioneer level - and generate a unified look and feel that reflects the Anne Arundel Health System brand. I have always been able to count on this team to deliver an exceptional project. The completed projects have always met or exceeded my expectations and they have been delivered on time and within budget. I highly recommend the firm of CRGA."






CRGA was founded upon the value of providing quality services to our clients. However, our firm also has an obligation to our staff to create an environment that fosters collaboration and individual growth.  We recognize the potential of each of our staff members and provide them with the opportunities to maximize that potential.  For young architects, that includes mentoring and an opportunity to be challenged as part of a close-knit team working on diverse projects.

During my years of working with CRGA, I have come to understand that the built environment has the ability to improve the outcomes of patients while they undergo some of the most challenging and stressful events of their lives. Healthcare design matters deeply to the clinicians, patients, and visitors that we serve, and we need the best designers to create healing environments while navigating complex project conditions. I took a job with CRGA because of the stability of the healthcare market, but I anticipate being a career long healthcare designer.
— Marcus Wiles, EDAC