Quality Control & Code Compliance

"Although I am an architect, I have worked my entire career for Owners – preparing budgets, design programs, and hiring architects and contractors. In this time, I have reviewed construction documents from numerous architects from around the country and have found that the drawings prepared by CRGA Design to be some of the best organized, detailed, and comprehensive construction drawings that I’ve worked with. It’s always a pleasure to review CRGA’s drawings."

- Kevin Silson, AIA, Senior Project Manager, University of Virginia Facilities Planning and Construction

Preparation of construction documents requires both knowledgeable staff preparing the documents and rigorous checking of documents for completeness and accuracy, including multi-disciplinary coordination of current code requirements and work by all consultants.

CRGA has become well-known among clients, vendors, consultants, and even fellow architects for the high quality of our construction documents. This level of quality is a result of our Continuous Quality Improvement Program, which has become integral to the firm’s culture and workflow. To achieve this high standard of construction documents, we set quality control checkpoints throughout the design process to ensure that all project scope has been properly covered and that projects are effectively coordinated among the design team.

Our quality control manager, Mr. Lester Weller, AIA, has more than 30 years of experience with managing quality control of projects and continually trains staff members in such procedures. Les comments, “Quality control is vital in the architecture industry because the discipline is so complex. From the media in which we are developing the construction documents, to code regulations, to technology utilized during construction – that it is just too much for people to do in their heads anymore. The industry is continually advancing, so architects need to rigorously go through regular routines to ensure that this complexity is addressed and documented throughout the design phases.”

Quality control has a direct impact on the safety and durability of healthcare facilities and the wellbeing of those who interact with these spaces. Our checkpoints ensure we are designing at the level of safety and longevity to match the intent of the construction.

Code compliance brings forth an additional level of complexity to design. “It is not just about staying up to date with codes as they evolve,” explains Les. “It is also about staying up to date with the currently adapted versions of code since so many jurisdictions differ in their interpretation and enforcement of code. That being said, there is nothing more complex than having to backtrack through a design to make something code compliant when those issues should have been considered in the beginning.”

CRGA takes a proactive approach to quality control and code compliance to ensure the safest, most durable, and most efficient design solutions possible for our clients. The quality of our construction documents is directly related to the quality of our design process – in order to reach such high standards for the end product, we hold ourselves to high standards throughout its creation.





Lester A. Weller, AIA
Principal, Quality Control Manager

Lester has more than 30 years of experience with managing quality control of projects and continually trains CRGA staff members in such procedures.