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Integrated Interior Design Services

Healthcare facilities must accomplish several purposes simultaneously – they must promote healing for patients, create a foundation for efficiency and communication among staff, and provide comfort and amenities for family, friends, and other visitors. Designing spaces that serve these concurrent roles is CRGA’s passion, and our staff members also serve concurrent roles throughout our design process.

At CRGA, architecture and interior design services are intrinsically connected, promoting collaboration and cohesion during design. These integrated services allow us to approach projects through multiple perspectives simultaneously and consider overlapping goals and constraints throughout the entirety of the project.

Associate Principal John Zierdt, CID, IIDA explains, “We provide the client with the whole package – architecture and interior design should be a collaborative effort from the beginning of conceptual design through final project completion. From a logistics standpoint, CRGA’s approach allows for a more streamlined and efficient design process by eliminating the time and resources required for separate architectural and interior design firms to collaborate.”

With each project we complete, our staff’s shared knowledge base continues to grow, and that knowledge is passed on to ensure we provide the best possible design solutions for our clients.

“One of the really wonderful aspects of CRGA Design is the vast amount of knowledge and experience that exists within our office,” explains Pam Franklin, CID, IIDA, EDAC, interior designer at CRGA. “At CRGA, architects and interior designers work as a team to share knowledge and create cohesive, well-planned projects.  By integrating these disciplines, every team member is able to contribute their knowledge and experience, so both architects and interior designers grow professionally and gain a deeper understanding of a broad range of healthcare facility types.  This continuous learning process allows us to provide innovative workplace solutions for our clients and the end users.”

All aspects of a design are important to reaching a client’s vision, including designing for ideal workflow and selecting finishes and furniture that are appropriate for the type of care being provided. Each of our staff members is well versed in the entire design process – from the onset of design to the final constructed space – and how vital of a role both architecture and interior design play in that process.

“Our interior designers are passionate about architecture and our architects are passionate about interior design,” explains Jennifer Edds, interior designer at CRGA. “It is two professions that become one at CRGA.”

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John Zierdt, CID, IIDA
Associate Principal

John received his Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the University of Maryland.


Pam Franklin, IIDA, CID, EDAC
Interior Designer

Pam received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, CIDA from Syracuse University. 


Jennifer Edds
Interior Designer

Jennifer received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design.