At CRGA you will have the opportunity to grow and learn in a caring environment. Our senior staff members serve as mentors. We provide support during the IDP process by providing opportunities for you to work on all aspects of a project and to receive guidance from licensed architects to advance your knowledge base. We provide training opportunities through our continuing education program to expand your knowledge and technical skills. We also encourage the pursuit of advanced certifications.

We foster a collaborative team-oriented environment. Staff members have the opportunity to work with different teams on a variety of projects. At CRGA you will never get “pigeon-holed” into a specific role. We empower our team members, encourage growth, and provide opportunities for you to achieve your personal and professional goals.



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CRGA provided me with a unique internship experience that focused on my development as a young designer. They placed me on projects that helped me better understand the design process and allowed me to sit in on business meetings as an active participant. I was also able to enhance my skills in Revit and learn 3ds Max and Photoshop. In addition to the technical skills I learned, I also grew to love the people at CRGA. They became an amazing work family that supported me inside and outside of work.
— Wenz Tuttle, intern at CRGA

Internships at CRGA

By its very nature, the architecture industry is constantly evolving. There are always new trends to recognize, technologies to implement, and concepts waiting to be discovered. Internships serve to promote a unique workplace experience for both young professionals and mid-level to senior staff by creating a mutual learning experience – interns are able to learn from those more experienced in the industry, while staff members also learn from interns by garnering unique, fresh perspectives from students. 


path to professional licensure

The path to professional licensure requires designers to accumulate expertise in several experience areas as defined by the Architectural Experience Program (AXP). At least 1,860 of the 3,740 hours required to complete the AXP must be performed for an architecture firm – as a result, CRGA offers a mentorship program for all interns that assists in the accumulation of supervised hours. CRGA’s Intern Development Program aims to immerse young designers in the culture and day-to- day activities of the firm, while simultaneously preparing them for a lifelong career in the architecture industry.


Through shadowing opportunities and direct, hands-on projects, interns will gain valuable experience in the following six AXP designated experience areas:

  1.  Practice Management Tasks

  2.  Project Management Tasks

  3.  Programming & Analysis Tasks

  4.  Project Planning & Design Tasks

  5.  Project Development & Documentation Tasks

  6.  Construction & Evaluation Tasks


Our program strives to boost workplace wellness while encouraging the generation and exchange of ideas. By providing educational resources to interns, CRGA hopes to bridge the experience gap between the two groups while cultivating lasting mentor/mentee relationships.


living and working in


CR Goodman Associates is located in Annapolis, Maryland, just a short drive from the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore regions. As the sailing capital of the world and the home of the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis is one of America’s premier maritime centers, attracting more than four million visitors from around the world each year. 

Since 1970, the U.S. Sailboat and Powerboat Shows have been held annually on the historic City Dock—the city’s downtown focal point meeting at the water’s edge. Local restaurants and shops line the City Dock to give Annapolis a very unique character and charm. 

Annapolis has a thriving cultural scene, filled with live theater, a local symphony, ballet, and opera, and dozens of art galleries and concert venues. No matter what the season, Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay is alive with a host of events and festivals designed for all ages.

There is no shortage of inspiration to be found among our city’s distinct culture, cuisine, nightlife, art, and architecture.

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