About the Project

In order to consolidate their order within the United States, the Daughters of Charity underwent major restructuring by shifting resource allocations throughout the various provincial houses. With departments being relocated both to and from Emmitsburg, the provincial house needed to undergo major renovations.

One of the major drivers of the restructuring was the decrease in population within the order. With a diminishing number of active sisters and a larger number aging in place, their facilities needed to change accordingly. In an effort to save resources, it was determined that portions of the Emmitsburg facility would be vacated and sold off to a not-for-profit senior housing entity that provides housing for the poor. In order to facilitate that plan, comprehensive renovations needed to occur to relocate various functions within the building. Additionally, the 1960’s era mechanical and electrical infrastructure required major upgrades and replacement for improved operational efficiency over the next 50 years.

The project required multiple phases so that all functions could continue to operate while renovations took place. Renovations included retreatant bedrooms, sister community, sister support, central laundry, commercial kitchen, administrative functions, and consolidation of provincial archives from four previously separate provinces.

Additionally, the skilled nursing facility was renovated to provide new community dining facilities, community rooms, and expanded rehabilitation facilities. Remaining portions of the building have been set aside for future turnover for additional not-for-profit senior housing or possible demolition.