About the Project

Ginger Cove is a continuing care retirement community that provides services for senior citizens ranging from independent living units to skilled nursing care. In 1992, Ginger Cove decided to expand their 43-bed nursing facility. The CRGA team was selected to design a two-story addition as well as complete renovations to the existing facility. Formerly, Ginger Cove had provided independent living units and health center nursing beds but lacked the intermediate level of care associated with assisted living. In 2000, Ginger Cove decided to add an assisted living component to their facility.

This project provided thirty (30) assisted living apartments and associated shared living facilities.  The building provides fifteen (15) apartments on each of two (2) floors above grade, and a basement with support facilities for this building and the entire campus.  Shared living facilities include kitchen/dining area, activities room, lobby, bathing facilities, country kitchen, and living room/library.  Support facilities include offices, central laundry, maintenance shop, garage, and resident storage lockers. Design services included architecture, structural engineering, mechanical/electrical engineering, civil engineering, landscape architecture, interior design, and food service equipment design.

CRGA also worked with Ginger Cove to expand the skilled nursing facility and the wellness center. The nursing facility expansion included the construction of a new wing focused around an outdoor garden as well as a phased renovation of the three existing wings. The expanded wellness center included three indoor swimming pools with associated support spaces and a new informal dining facility.

Most recently, CRGA redesigned Ginger Cove’s Commons Building to update the existing dining room, bar, and café, amenity spaces used by the residents and their guests on a daily basis and for special events.  Through collaboration with Ginger Cove staff, as well as a team of residents, CRGA selected new finishes and furniture and created custom design details for the three rooms to make the space more welcoming for residents and visitors to the facility.  The bar and café include custom millwork for food and beverage service and incorporate display areas, which highlight quintessential features of Annapolis.  An outdoor dining space on a new deck is an extension of the interior dining area and takes advantage of beautiful views of Gingerville Creek.

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