About the Project

This practice occupies the entire third floor of the Odenton Pavilion, approximately 17,000 usf. The Owner requested a more intimate appearance with multiple check-in and check-out stations and smaller sub waiting areas close to treatment areas. Services of the facility include Pediatric & Family Medicine and Internal Medicine. The floor was split in half with Pediatric & Family Medicine on one side and Internal Medicine on the other. CRGA divided check-in/reception/waiting into two separate areas; reception includes both check-in and check-out, but CRGA also provided HIPAA compliant check-out stations.

The plan utilizes “pod” configurations. Included in each pod are the following:
• 1 Clinical MA (CMA)
• 1 Medical Office Assistant (MOA)
• 1 Provider Office
• 2 Exam Rooms

16 pods provided:
• Internal Medicine (6 physicians)
• Pediatric & Family Practice (10 physicians)

Registration and Triage occurs in exam rooms. Bariatric patient rooms were also provided.

Administrative Offices are on site for Practice Administrator, Practice Manager, Regional Operations Director, Administrative Assistant, Schedulers, Team RN, Telephone Triage and Billing. Support spaces include “point of contact” areas and Med rooms on each half of the floor, and a large staff lounge to seat 24.

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