About the Project

Through a careful and thoughtful programming and design process, CRGA worked closely with Howard University Hospital to resolve exiting operation inefficiencies and workflow issues within the existing angiography suite at Howard University Hospital.  As a result, the renovated suite allows for increased workflow efficiencies by combining prep and recovery functions that were once located in 2 separate areas of the hospital into a single space immediately adjacent to the 2 new angiography rooms.  Reconfiguration of the 2 existing angiography rooms as required to accommodate the larger equipment to be installed also allowed for a shared control room space to be located between the 2 procedure rooms.

Other project specifics include the following programmed elements incorporated into the redesign of the existing angiography suite:

  • New 470 sf single plane angio room (Philips equipment)

  • New 490 sf bi-plane angio room (Philips equipment)

  • New shared control room located between the two (2) angio labs

  • New shared supply room located between the two (2) angio labs

  • Five (5) new private prep / recovery bays with central nursing station

  • Six (6) new outpatient Examination rooms

  • Two (2) new echo rooms and one (1) new stress testing room

  • One (1) new physicians reading room

  • Relocated staff locker room as required to allow access from the locker room directly into the semi-restricted corridor per FGI guideline requirements

  • Increased outpatient waiting room size

  • Created new access point for inpatients that allows for better separation of inpatients vs outpatients visiting the suite